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Steven James Dixon May 25, 2011 0

HelloBeautiful Q1: Steven James Dixon is our newest blogger on HelloBeautiful.com. Steven, what do our readers need to know about you?

Steven James Dixon: I am a God Fearing Father, Husband, Relationship Expert and Author of the hot new book, “Men Don’t Heal, We Ho – A Book About the Emotional Instability of Men.” Since the release of my book, I have toured the country spreading my positive message about marriage and challenging men to heal from broken relationships. What sets me apart from other relationship experts is my principle that, “All marriages are either successful or they fail based solely upon the leadership of men.”

HelloBeautiful Q2: I am sure that our readers would like to know what places you have been on your book tour.

Steven James Dixon: I have answered relationship questions live on television with CNN, WGN, Fox News (Houston), UPN (Chicago) and CW (Atlanta). I have also Co-Hosted Nationally Syndicated Radio with Doug Banks in addition to radio interviews all across the country including Tom Joyner, Michael Baisden, Rickey Smiley, Sirius Satellite Radio, HOT 97 (NY), KJLH (LA), WGCI (Chicago), V103 (Atlanta), 97.9 (Houston), K104 (Dallas), etc. I have been published and broadcasted in locations as far as the Caribbean and the United Kingdom. I have processed book orders for people across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

HelloBeautiful Q3: What do our readers need to know to become more successful at dating, relationships and marriage? What are you going to bring to our readers?

Steven James Dixon: Honesty. Candor. Insightfulness. Research. A biblical foundation. What sets me apart from other relationship experts is that I have actually saved a marriage . . . my own! At the age of 25 I got a divorce. You know what I learned about divorce?

HelloBeautiful Q4: What’s that?

Steven James Dixon: That divorce cannot be an option in marriage. That was my one and only divorce. I will never do that again. Some of those problems that I had in that marriage I have had again in my current marriage. The difference between my first marriage and my current marriage is that I am now a problem solver. My wife is a problem solver. At the time I wasn’t man enough to lead a marriage or solve any of our problems. My family tree is full of divorce and divorce was an option for me so when I became unhappy, I bounced.

I work a lot harder in my current marriage to keep both me and my wife happy. Because of the energy and effort that I put into my marriage today, my wife is also unafraid to give her maximum effort in our marriage. Marriage is hard work but you have to want it! Divorce is not an option for us. I am not encouraging people to stay married and be unhappy. I am encouraging people to figure out how to be happy. People figure out stuff every day but when it comes to their marriages they give up. Someone is reading this article at a job that they hate, but you know what? They will figure how to go back to that same job tomorrow. We have too many people trying to be the best lawyers, doctors, rappers and athletes but we don’t have enough people trying to be the best husbands or wives. My role as a husband is by far the most important role that I have. Nothing else is even close. I tell couples every day that God is #1 in my life. My wife is #2. My wife is also #3. #4 is vacant; I don’t want anything close to my wife. #5 is my son, momma, the Raiders, LSU, the Miami Heat, friends and frat.

HelloBeautiful Q5: What do our readers need to know about “Men Don’t Heal, We HO?”

Steven James Dixon: “Men Don’t Heal, We Ho” is half testimony & confession and half advice & direction. The first half of the book is about my transformation from Ho to Husband. I wanted to give men a step by step guide as to how to make that transformation for themselves. I also give women examples of the types of men to avoid. Too many women have no idea how to select a man to date. They are clueless. Completely lost. The second half of the book is my opinion on the state of relationships today. What we need to fix, how to fix, what to do, what to look out for, how to be successful at marriage. You should get the book. It’s a fun read. Entertaining and laugh out loud funny. It uses some strong language but I wanted to keep it 100% real. Let’s be honest, we all know the same words. I didn’t make up any new words.

HelloBeautiful Q6: Your book is about men but men don’t do a lot of relationship reading. Your principle is about men but how many men are learning and applying these principles? We appreciate you challenging men but how do we know that the men are getting the message?

Steven James Dixon: For men that don’t read I recently completed the audiobook and it is available on iTunes among other places. The feedback that I have been getting from men has been phenomenal. 99% of men say to me “You know what Steven, when I got out of my relationship, I was a womanizer.” I have received that admission from pastors, bishops, deacons, reverends, the young & the old. It is the truth about the average man. I didn’t say all (though I want to say pretty darn close to all), I said average. I have had some wives make their husbands read my book. I have had some girlfriends make their boyfriends read my book. Ladies, you have to pick up a copy yourself and if you think that your significant other will benefit from it then you need to keep hitting him with it until he gets the message. (Just joking, but not really. If he hits you back you should have not have hit him first.)

HelloBeautiful Q7: What do our readers need to know about your definition of the word “HO”?

Steven James Dixon: In general, a ho is a male or female, that uses sex as a method of healing from emotional duress, a source of gaining attention and/or they participate in unhealthy and/or unsafe sexual activity. Specifically for females, a ho is a woman who freely gives up sex even when she does not want to have sex. I am talking about the women here who allow men to talk her panties off when she knows that she wants a relationship and she knows that he doesn’t. When she knows that he has a wife or girlfriend. You’s a ho. Specifically for males, a ho is a man that will involve himself in sexual activity with any and every woman that will have him. Get some standards man! (Ho is a term derived from the word “whore” which is a biblical term. How you luv dat?)

HelloBeautiful Q8: What do our readers need to know about men and relationships? Why do men have to or want to have sex with so many women? Why are women and men so different?

Steven James Dixon: I was not taught how to be successful in relationships, I learned about them in the streets. Ok, I am not trying to be hard, LOL, simply saying that most men are a product of their environment. The environment of the average teenage boy includes curiosity about sex. Before I knew what a kiss was my grade school friend asked me, “Did you kiss her?” In high school it was “Did you have sex with her?” In college it was, “How many have you had sex with?” As a grown man it is, “So, are you really faithful?” Do you watch TV or listen to the radio? Society is raising our men to be ho’s. (Not excusing the parents.) That same society raises our women to believe that they are not good women if they are not married. Women are being raised that they are at their happiest when they are married with kids. Women are being raised not to be hos, well, at least some of them.

What I am trying to do is teach men that if you are going to be a ho, at least be man enough to tell women the truth. When I was single, I never had to lie to a woman to get her to like me. I absolutely loved to look a woman in the eye and say, “Yes I am dating five other women.” (Then if she is ok with that, she becomes #6 or #7 depending on who else I met that night. She will not be #1. Some other women have put in some work; that would not be fair.)

HelloBeautiful Q9: What do our readers need to know about being a single woman and dating?

Steven James Dixon:

1. DATE MORE & LEAVE EARLIER! If he is not committed to you, why are you basically committed to him?

2. Show Your Woman. You are so busy watching him that you are forgetting that he is watching you.

3. Stop giving your love away to men who will never love you back. I mean this literally and figuratively. Take responsibility for your relationship decisions. Maybe you are choosing all the bad men.

4. Too many women would rather be married than respected. I tell women every single day that if you don’t respect yourself then that means that no one in the relationship respects you.

5. The “Women’s Independence Movement” is hereby cancelled. Stop saying that you are an independent woman and start saying that you want a dependable man.

HelloBeautiful Q10: What do our readers need to know about your opinion on the state of marriage today?

Steven James Dixon: Marriage is for everyone. Everyone that enjoys the pleasures of sex that is. At some point, every human being will be at least one of three things: married, celibate or fireproof. I am not saying that everyone will be successfully married. I am saying that the average human being wants love, appreciation and sex. Marriage is giving and receiving those three things with a little compromise sprinkled on top. (Ok, maybe a lot of compromise in some cases.) Are some marriages bad? HELL YEAH! I stay busy counseling crazy folks. But when people say that marriage is bad that is their figurative opinion, not fact. They are saying that marriages are bad, not that marriage is bad. The crazy folks that I counsel are not crazy because of marriage. Marriage did not drive them crazy. Either they were crazy from the start or the person that they chose to be married to drove them crazy! People blame marriage when in actuality the man and the woman should not have been married to begin with. They should have never been in a relationship. They should have never dated. The Institution of Marriage is perfect! God created it. It is something wrong with that man or that woman.

HelloBeautiful Q11: Well your first article “Celibacy in 2011: Does She Have To Give It Up?” was a hit on our website. How often should we expect to hear from you and what do you have for us next?

Steven James Dixon: I will have a new article on HelloBeautiful.com every Thursday. Next week I have an article for you called “The Thrill of the Case: Wanting A Man That Don’t Want You Back.” I appreciate you having me!

HelloBeautiful: Well folks, let us know what you think about the RelationshipBeast!


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