9 Rules To Live By When Dating With Children

Steven James Dixon February 14, 2011 0

9. The Sleepover Rule

Your guy cannot come in the house until the kids are asleep for a solid hour. If he can’t wait for an hour, or until you say it’s safe to come in, you and yours are not worth waiting for. You do know what I mean by “yours,” right?

8. The Morning-After Rule
He has got to be out of the house a solid hour before the kids wake up. Your kids are not going to believe that this man came over early this morning. Every other morning, your kid is waking you up—that is why this doesn’t work.

7. The Dirty Laundry Rule

If something gets spilled on him, he goes home! Don’t wash his clothes. He can’t wear Daddy’s old shirt. Are you trying to make your kids go crazy?

6. The Kitchen Rule

Get that man out of the kitchen! What are you doing? You’re setting your man up for, “You are not my daddy!”

5. The Discipline Rule

If your kids are bad in front of all of your other friends, but now, all of a sudden, they have to be good for this new man, that ain’t gonna fly! They’ll resent him from day one!

4. The Cleanup Rule

If your house stays filthy, nasty or dirty, but when he comes by, the kids have to clean up, you are setting your guy up for, “What did you do to my momma?”

3. The Lead By Example Rule

Your guy comes by to pick up you and your son. You both get in the car and he is bumping that new Lil’ Weezie album. Just yesterday, you crushed your son’s Lil Weezie CD and made him eat the wrapping paper. What, you are going to try that “Don’t do what I do” mess?

2. The Dinner Table Rule

You can’t eat off of each others’ plates at dinner. Are you crazy?! With knives on the table!

1. The Stop Lying Rule

Stop introducing men that you are dating as “Uncle So-And-So.” That is so played out! You can’t kiss your uncle. The kids have seen the family pictures, they know all of the uncles and cousins.

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