Stupid Questions That Men Ask Women

Steven James Dixon April 18, 2011 0

I have a greater expectation of man than man has for himself. This expectation is the foundation of my principle that “All marriages and relationships are either successful or they fail based solely on the leadership of men.” Having said that, let’s talk about some of the stupid questions that women ask first!!!!

“Stupid Questions That Women Ask Men”

  1. Where is this relationship going? – When was the last time that you were going somewhere and you didn’t know where you were going? THE RELATIONSHIP IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE! You don’t have to ask that to know, you knew that already and that’s why you are asking.
  2. At what point do you think you will be ready for a commitment? – It does not matter when he is going to be ready, you are ready now. Chances are he won’t be ready for a relationship until you are ready to be single.
  3. What made you chose her? Why her? Who is she? – He chose her because he knew that you would wait on him while he was with her. She wouldn’t wait. He is also with her because she is not the type of woman to ask questions like this.

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I have wanted to write about the “Stupid Questions That Men Ask Women” for a while but I have been busy. Every day I hear scenarios from both men and women where the man is asking the woman what she wants to do about the relationship knowing full well that she wants to do whatever he wants to do. I talk to numerous women who are in the mist of making a decision to stay or go and are indecisive because they are trying to appear indifferent. Too often, I talk to women who say, “If he wants to work it out, we can work it out. If he does not want to work it out then we both can move on now.” We are going to talk about the Grown Man here in a second, but Grown Woman, be grown! Be grown enough to say to your man, “I love you and I want our relationship to work!” It is perfectly fine to say what you want, but it is not fine to stay when you don’t get what you want. Remember my principle for single women is to Date More & Leave Earlier!

At no point is a woman to ask a man what the current status is of the relationship. To be clear, let me rephrase:  At no point is a woman to ask a man what the current status is of the relationship. You are woman, you are to be courted. Even if you do care for him more than he cares for you, he is not to know that valuable information. Your role is to “Show Your Woman.” Once you have shown a man your full womanhood and he does not recognize or respond with the appropriate ACTION, then woman must slowly back out of the relationship. Stop worrying about the relationship status so much and worry about what you can control, you. You are so worried about what he is doing that you are lacking focus on what you are supposed to be doing. Do you. Stop being available any and every time that he wants to see you. Stop answering the phone on the first ring like you have been sitting around waiting by the thing. Shoot, let it go to voicemail occasionally. Men enjoy the chase. We want to work for it. Just make sure that it is worth working for.

The “Stupid Questions That Men Ask Women” is about reemphasizing to men that YOU are the leader of the relationship. You don’t need a woman to ask you any questions. You don’t need to ask the woman any questions. Be a man. Make a decision.

“Stupid Questions That Men Ask Women”

  1. Do you want to a divorce? – Men that ask this question are cowards! First of all I teach all couples that divorce is not an option. Get that off your mind. What you are doing when you ask a woman if she wants a divorce is placing the leadership of the relationship into her hands. A man should demonstrate leadership at all times. There are no breaks. Be man all day, every day. Be leader all day, every day.
  2. What do you want from me? – The first thing a man has to do is offer his best. Not what is convenient. Not  what is easy or comfortable to do. Offer your best. Offer what God has given you to give to her. Your best will be more than what she would ask for.
  3. How can we work things out and meet halfway? – Men should talk with a more direct tone. “We are going to work things out.” Sometimes in relationships, the woman wants what she wants. Sometimes she won’t budge because she hasn’t seen consistency in you. She is only going to meet you halfway if she knows that you can take the relationship the rest of the way. Tell that woman that you are going to meet her halfway and that together you two will figure out where that is.


My goal is to make men better for you! This is my platform. This is what I do. I am a writer. Let me talk to these men for a minute, you are not going to like what I have to say but I have to put things in perspective and keep it 100% REAL! I am going to tell men how I developed the smarts and learned how to stop asking women stupid questions. (Y’all didn’t think I was always smart did y’all?)


My swag was always on a “hundred-thousand-trillion.” I was extremely confident that I could have any woman that I so desired. I chose LaMechia LaChelle Jones (The shout out to the wife is EXTREMELY NECESSARY FOR THIS PARAGRAPH! Love you, Boo!) My swag was the reason that I was unsuccessful at relationships before my current marriage. When I was single and dating I did what I wanted to do. I did me. If she didn’t do what I wanted her to do, then she could go and do what she wanted to do with her second choice of companionship. I would ask stupid questions because she and I both knew that I was the only one with the answers to those questions. In my article “The Extra Ordinary Man vs. The Extraordinary Man,” I talked about men needing to have an internal challenge. Let me bring that thought full circle for you now. Men have to have an internal challenge because there is no external challenge. WOMEN ARE NO LONGER A CHALLENGE! WOMEN ARE TOO EASY! And I am not even talking about intimacy. I am talking about what a woman is willing to put up with to have a man in her life when I was single in 2005. Five years later, I have overwhelming research that proves that women are putting up with more and more every year.

For the first 30 years of my life, I thought being an Extraordinary Man meant that you had multiple women. In 2005 everybody had multiple women so that wasn’t extraordinary, it was stupid. It was a stupid life that led to me asking women stupid questions. I figured out that I had it all backwards. ONE WOMAN IS EXTRAORDINARY! Every day we have stupid men that are running around trying to make the most money, trying to be the best doctor, attorney or entertainer. I submit to you today that chasing money or titles has everything to do with stupid and nothing to do with extraordinary. Anyone who works hard enough at it and with the right breaks can be the best doctor, attorney or entertainer, but can you be successful at marriage? Marriage is the true test of a man. You want to be extraordinary? Try making a woman happy and keeping a family together! I believe that men can do better. This is not male bashing, this is teaching a man leadership. This is teaching a male how to be man. This is teaching a man how to be a husband. No excuses men. We have to be more assertive. Be more direct. Know what we are doing and know what we want. No more games. Stop it with the games. Stop lying to women and stop it with the stupid questions!

Yesterday I was talking with Pastor Michael Exum at The Potter’s House and he said that “Marriage is a test of how you work in a relationship. If you do well on this relationship test, you can do well at anything else in life.” Barack Obama is Presidential but he would not be President without Michelle. The reason why I am the COLDEST Relationship Expert in the game is because of the support and encouragement I get from Mrs. RelationshipBeast at the house! Proverbs 18:22 – He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD. Men, stop asking stupid questions and living a stupid life and find yourself a wife! Marriage is for everyone. Every single person is to be married or celibate or fireproof.

The crashing sound that you just heard was me dropping my keyboard and walking off.

Men, I can’t teach you my swag.

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