The Divorce Is Not An Option Project – The Hudson Family – Week 2

Steven James Dixon April 4, 2012 0

How To Save A Marriage In One Year.

Step #1:  For the first three months, it is self evaluation time. Are you a part of the problem? Many of you will not be able to answer this question truthfully so let me help you out a bit. If you can be a better spouse and you are not, then you are a part of the problem. I know it was a couple of years back and there was a lot of excitement at the time and you were probably hung over but on your wedding day at some point you vowed to be the best spouse in the world. Try that being the best spouse in the world thing before leaving your marriage. Being the best spouse is not about what your spouse deserves. It is about making sure that you are giving your best effort in your marriage.

Step #2:  For the next three more months purge your anger. Get rid of your heartache and disappointment and most of all stop feeling sorry for yourself. You are not the only person in the world that has had trouble in their marriage. Purging yourself of your anger is a decision that you have to make, it is not a feeling that you acquire over time. You have to say to yourself, “I can have a happy marriage if I can be a happy person.” You cannot save a marriage, compromise, meet halfway, see your spouse’s point of view, you can’t do anything for your marriage if you continue to blame them for your emotionally instability. You have to forgive and heal before you can start working on fixing your marriage. If you cannot purge your anger be sure to take responsibility and explain to all your friends and family that you are the problem and that marriage. Let your family know that your spouse deserves someone who will try a lot harder to save their marriage.

Step #3:  Your first six months of the year are the easy part, now it’s time for some hard work. Re-learn your spouse. Observe them. Start over from scratch. Who are you married to? You have changed, you have grown. Your spouse has changed, they have grown also. Re-learn them. If you take three months to evaluate how you can be a better spouse and then take three months to get emotionally stable and then take six months to re–learn your spouse I guarantee you that you will see positive results in your marriage.

A good marriage is worth working for. Did your vows include you saying something to the point of Till Death Do Us Part or did your vows only state that you stay until times get tough?


LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale, FL

FAMILY: Scott & Michelle Hudson

PROBLEM: Michelle thinks that divorce is an option.

DETAILS: Scott was a horrible husband early in the marriage. He did not know how to put his wife first. So Michelle found someone who was willing to put her first. The only problem is that he is also married, so Michelle couldn’t be first all the time to him either. Michelle decided that being first in a man’s life for one night was good enough. Scott has reached out to me for assistance in saving his marriage.

The Hudson Family is the first family in The D.I.N.A.O. Project. Don’t be surprised to find out that Michelle is similar to your wife. Don’t think that I am really talking about your husband instead of Scott Hudson! Tune in next week!

The Divorce Is Not An Option Project – The Hudson Family – Week 1

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