The Love Capacity Quiz – Article I

Steven James Dixon April 23, 2012 0

Steven James Dixon created a fun and now popular way to determine your own capacity to love. It is called the #LoveCapacity Quiz on The #LoveCapacity Quiz was created to asses your ability to provide, receive and be accountable for love. When was launched on Valentine’s Day of last year, on the first day 30,000 people tested their #LoveCapacity and during the next two weeks over 60,000 people tested their #LoveCapacity!  Take the quiz today and get your #LoveCapacity Score in 5 minutes!  Here are #LoveCapacity Scores & Explanations!

Your #LoveCapacity Score Is:  1 = Self Centered

Your observations and experiences with love have taught you to protect your heart. You are not happy but you are convinced that if you are happy, then everyone else will be happy. You ask for more than you are willing to give. You think of you first. It is difficult for you to consider the feelings of someone else at this time.

Your #LoveCapacity Score Is: 2 = Damaged

You lack confidence that you will ever have a successful relationship. You do not trust the opposite sex to match your ability to provide, receive and be accountable for love. Take some time to heal from your emotional disappointments. You are angry and hurt and you stayed far too long in a very bad relationship. Without healing and forgiveness you will never accomplish true love.

Your #LoveCapacity Score Is: 3 = Confused

You are better at receiving love than you are at giving love. You have the ability to love at a greater capacity but you don’t because of your preconceived notations about relationships (All the men are dogs / All of the women want my money.) All of your attention is focused on your belief that the opposite sex is incapable of loving you when in actuality it is you who is not prepared to love freely.

Your #LoveCapacity Score Is:  4 = Afraid

You are adamantly against taking any emotional risk. You are not only afraid to love, you are also afraid of being loved because of your fear of letting your guard down. In each of your past relationships you purposely hold back or you believe that your partner is purposely holding back. To expand your Love Capacity you will have to learn from your relationship mistakes and trust yourself not to make the same mistakes in the future.

Your #LoveCapacity Score Is: 5 = Chameleon

You need to put in the work of defining beforehand what you want out of a partner and a relationship. If you do not know what you want, do not date. If you know what you want, don’t change what you want based on the person that you are dating. Your Love Capacity will expand when you gain more relationship discipline. (Not dating the hot guy or the hot girl when your heart craves someone more intellectual.)

Your #LoveCapacity Score Is: 6 = Dater

You are of a dating mindset. You are somewhat indifferent on your desires for a relationship. Sometimes you want a relationship, sometimes you can see yourself easily walking away. You evaluate your relationships on a day to day basis which is ultimately bad for the long term stability of a relationship. Your Love Capacity will not expand until you stop waiting for your partner to make a mistake.

Your #LoveCapacity Score Is: 7 = Friend

Starting a relationship is easy for you, but can you sustain a relationship?  You trust yourself more mentally than you do emotionally. However, true and lasting love requires that you feel and trust your gut instincts. The love for your significant other is friendly and lacks passion. To expand your Love Capacity you will have to learn that you cannot control love.

Your #LoveCapacity Score Is: 8 = Lover

You are prepared to risk being hurt from loving another person. Acknowledging this risk is a big step in the development of one’s ability to love unconditionally. Either you are in a loving relationship now or you are confident that you will be a part of a loving relationship in the future. To expand your Love Capacity you will have to learn that love is a gift.

Your #LoveCapacity Score Is: 9 = Fiancé

Receiving love, giving love and taking responsibility for receiving love are three separate stages of love. You have mastered all three stages. You understand that your actions can cause your loved ones pain. Expanding your Love Capacity will only come with experience. Some things about love can only be learned through trial and error

Your #LoveCapacity Score Is: 10 = Spouse

You have maxed out your “Love Capacity.” You are able to provide, receive and be accountable for an unconditional, forgiving, profoundly tender, passionate affection toward another person for the rest of his or her life. You have the best foundation possible to have a successful marriage.

The detailed explanation of the scoring system and advice on how to increase your capacity to love can only be found in the #LoveCapacity Book. Release date: Summer 2013. Thank you in advance for taking your #LoveCapacity Quiz!

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