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Steven James Dixon February 14, 2012 0

Steven James Dixon created a fun and now popular way to determine your own capacity to love. It is called the Love Capacity Quiz. Steven developed the short quiz based on his belief that the average woman has a greater and deeper capacity to love then the average man does. Steven created the quiz with the control in mind that we want women who have not been damaged from relationship disappointment to score a “10” on the quiz. Steven wants men who have not been damaged from relationship disappointment to score at least a “7” on the quiz. It became clear pretty quickly that the average woman and the average man have both suffered through some major disappointments. Early quiz results have shown that the “Love Capacity” of the average woman is in the 6-7 range. The “Love Capacity” of the average man is in the 4-5 range. Our relationships and marriages are in trouble.

Websters definition of love:

Love – a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

Websters definition of capacity:

 Capacity – the ability to receive or contain

Steven James Dixon’s definition of Love Capacity:

Love Capacity – a score given to an individual based on their ability to responsibly receive and give unconditional, forgiving, profoundly tender, passionate affection to another person.

Checkout this fun video that Steven created to explain Love Capacity.


“Love Capacity” is a book about saving relationships and marriages. The purpose of the book is to teach those who have been hurt how to heal so that they can increase their capacity to love or to love again. The book is based on the research and data analysis of the results of the Love Capacity Quiz. You can take your Love Capacity Quiz and retrieve your Love Capacity Score on but the explanation and answers to the quiz will only be found in the Love Capacity book. Quiz data as in the average Love Capacity Score of men over the age of 26 will only be shared through email with those of you who are registered for “The Relationship Report” mailing list. Quiz results will be broken down by gender, relationship status and age. Ok so take the quiz, tell a friend to take the quiz and register for the mailing list on

*It is especially important that each of us reach out directly to men and have them take the quiz.*

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