What Does Today’s Single Man Think of Today’s Single Woman?

Steven James Dixon April 18, 2011 0

I asked men all across the country a very simple question. That question was “What Does Today’s Single Man Think of Today’s Single Woman?” I left the question open ended purposely. I provided no additional direction nor did I shape or mold the commitments. I received the comments by way of Facebook, Twitter and email.


Atlanta: The single woman is not approachable. More so now than ever before a woman knows how much more money an athlete or entertainer makes than me! She wants that money. She is too busy being pretentious to settle down with a regular guy. Society glorifies the woman’s independence so much that the bond between a man and a woman stands very little chance of sustainability.

Chicago: They are so focused on success in the workplace that they are failing on the job at home. Women think that they are men now. I know women that sleep with as many men as I do women. That aint right. I have dated a lot of women in Chicago and I feel like I keep getting the short end of the stick. I just processed a restraining order against a chick the other day.  

Chicago: They act like they can please themselves and don’t need a man.

Dallas: A number of women ARE NOT GOING TO BE SUBMISSIVE. You want a traditional man who takes care of the car, yard, pay the bills, protects and provides but you don’t cook or clean like a traditional woman. The money I make is for bills but the money she makes is for shopping sprees.

Dallas: They are stuck-up here. Bourgeois. They just want to know what type of car I drive, how big my house is and how much money I make or where I work and what do I do.

Detroit:  Women are more independent, but more emotionally scarred. I don’t know if this is why they don’t cook more or what the problem is in the kitchen!

Denver: You watched your mother get beat down after dedicating herself to a man that didn’t care about her. You swore that you would never live her life. Subconsciously you were being taught to love differently. Today’s woman does not love today’s man like my mother or grandmother loved their men.


Houston: Women expect men to be flawless. They expect a man to be delivered to them on a silver platter.  

Houston: I can’t front on the women in Houston. There are some great women down here. They put up with too much crap from men but they are down for their man. I got a new chick every week. Good chicks too. They cook & clean and know how to take care of a man. 

Indianapolis: Too many single women are too eager to please because they are in a rush to get married and their biological clock is ticking really loud. Then there are some who are not willing to please at all because they feel like they don’t need a man for anything so they don’t try. I am 33 so I can understand women in my age range wanting to get married, but a lot of single women my age (especially black women) have filled their lives with so many other things it makes getting a cup of coffee an act of congress.  The thing is women in both categories are selfish. The women I know who have stopped being selfish, are the ones who walked down the isle.

Kansas City: Women here don’t seem to be interested in bettering themselves.  Many young women seem content with having babies and working a basic job, usually something clerk oriented.  Having children seems to be a measure of success.


Now I don’t want to sound like I am bashing the sisters. I love my sisters!  I was fortunate that my new wife approached me. (Didn’t I tell y’all on Monday & Tuesday to start asking men out! Nita you know this guy. No, I am not telling you who it is. You must learn not to mess with Steven James Dixon. He’s a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad man!)

Kansas City: The dating scene for the woman here is bad. There are a lot of women frustrated here. The frustration sometimes causes them to be closed minded to what might be a potentially good man. These women end up generally dating outside of their race.  I am seeing that more and more! 

Las Vegas: Men from all over the world come to Vegas to spend money. Vegas women know this. Some of my own homegirls have moved to Vegas and changed. They were nice girls before they got here now they are all about money!

Los Angeles: You have to be in the business, have some money or come by referral to talk to a woman out here. The last woman that I dated I spent too much time trying to justify my financially stability. I don’t date sistahs anymore now.

Los Angeles: If they are not in the business they are cool. No one made me want to marry them. I haven’t been close to that feeling at all.

Miami: Ah . . . I don’t know what women want from me. It changes with every woman that I meet. I been down here 10 years and I still can’t figure them out. I am a lawyer so I get it tossed at me but what is being tossed is sex instead of good woman. Put in The Relationship Report that there is no shortage of free sex in Miami!

New Orleans: She is selling herself sexually without ever having to stand on a street corner and without getting any money. I want to get to know “Ladies”. I can get to know hos in about five minutes. I am not being stimulated mentally.

New York: Why are single women willing to work hard on their careers but, not willing to put out the same effort in a relationship?

New York: It seems like they don’t want a man. It’s weird to me. “What makes you a woman? What makes you wife material? Why should I marry you?” I am not looking for a friend I am looking for someone to add value to my life. And believe it or not, your sex is not that valuable. Not anymore.

Phoenix: Today’s woman has a foul mouth and a stank attitude.  A lot of females are now trying to be players. They think that they are the MAN!

Phoenix: Women here are unaware of what they want. They like being single but pose themselves to seem as if they are ready for a relationship when they are not! Although they may be beautiful they forget that there are many other women who think like them and a man doesn’t have to stick around and wait.

San Antonio: Our sistah’s think they are entitled to demanding being wined and dined and being taken care of, yet not really bringing what we expect them to bring to the table. Today’s sistah’s can’t make greens, homemade mac and cheese or even fried cabbage.  It’s a sad state and sistahs of today, are in trouble.

St. Louis: I just cannot bring myself to dedicate my life to a woman that is financially irresponsible. If I know that you are not paying your bills to go shopping you are going to get broke up wit. If I take my time to help you budget your money and then find out later that you didn’t disclose all of your debt you are going to cussed out!

Virginia Beach: Single women move to quickly and do not allow men to “court” them. I have found myself on the receiving end of a life story while on the dance floor, in another situation I was asked about my five year plan on a casual lunch date. In both case I “was” interested in learning about each of the women but not so fast. They seemed as if we were on a timed schedule and had to know everything about me at that one moment. The young woman I am dating now took her time and allowed me to approach her. Not only did she take her time and let me lead the relationship, she wasn’t critical of my short comings or differences from the past guys she dated.


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