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Steven James Dixon April 19, 2011 0

It’s 2011!!! Women are making more money, are more independent and some believe that they don’t need a man as much as their mother or grandmother did. When a woman decides that she doesn’t need a man she is setting higher expectations for the next man crazy enough to approach her. A number of women know exactly what they want out of a man these days. That’s fine I suppose but there is one problem. MS. BIG & BAD 2011 INDEPENDENT WOMAN is afraid to ask a man out on a date! In your professional life, you are telling men what to do all day! In your personal life, you pick and chose which values to keep traditional.

The purpose of this article is not to change the tradition of the man pursuing the woman. If you have read anything that I have written, you know by now that my principle is that “All marriages and relationships are either successful or they fail based solely on the leadership of men.” Men are the problems in relationships, not women. The purpose of this article is to inform women of exactly what their role is in the dating game.

Women your role, your purpose, your goal, what you should be trying to do is show the man that you are interested and available. That’s it. He has got to take it from there. Life is faster and much more complicated than it was 60 years ago when it was easier to meet a guy. My grandmother met my grandfather at the market. She was in her Sunday best in the fruit section taping on a watermelon. Pops was cool. This was when men would wear suits everywhere (Why did men stop wearing suits everywhere?) Grandma smiled at Pops. Her smile let Pops know that she was interested and available. A smile was all it took back then.

Today at the market a smile is not enough to let a guy know that you are interested and available. A smile is not enough because he is going through his grocery list on his DROID or surfing the net on his iPhone. Once he is done reviewing the grocery list and catching up on the latest gossip on the internet, it’s been at least 2 minutes since he last checked his email, Facebook or Twitter. Y’all follow each other on Twitter but y’all don’t know it because your real name is Sharon Smith but your Twitter name is @ShaSheeey. His name William Thomas but his name on Twitter is @BillGetMoney. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY Y’ALL DON’T USE Y’ALL’S REAL NAMES!!! (Facebook: StevenJamesDixon / Twitter: StevenJDixon – Hit me up!)

People live in their own worlds now. They stay home and stay on the computer. When we leave the house we have our fancy phone with us. We are not paying attention to any one else, we can barely walk from looking at our phones. (Did I tell y’all about¬†YouTube.com/StevenJamesDixon?) Women, you are not meeting men because he is too busy playing on his phone. Since he is playing on his phone, you can’t possibly look like you don’t have access to the internet at all times just like him so you are on your phone also! You have to get his attention to show him that you are interested and available. Being cute is not enough. Yeah, you cute, but some stupid woman that is just as cute as you sent buck naked pictures of herself to his fancy phone. Ask me how I know? Go ahead ask me!!! Ask me!!!! I SAW THE PICTURES!!! Women, men show the pictures every time. We know what you look like. The purpose of the picture is to show our friends what you look like. You are stupid. (To my wife, I SAW the pictures but I did not LOOK! Not the same thing! Let me slide. Breathe.) Wives keep sending sexy pictures to your husbands! Single women, you are stupid. A guy is reading this right now saying to himself “I forgot to show my homeboy old girl’s breast from the watch party”.

Women, your role, your purpose, your goal, what you should be trying to do is show the man that you are interested and available. You will have to get his attention to show him that you are interested and available.

I am not advising women to pursue men. I am not saying that a man can’t or shouldn’t try to get a woman’s attention. Men don’t try to get a woman’s attention. We don’t flirt, wink or anything like that. We are aggressive! We walk over and snatch a chick up and say . . . . whoa, whoa, wait, did I just say that? I was in the moment for a minute! No snatching! Men, don’t touch a woman that you don’t know. Especially these 2011 women!

Now that we have made it through the preliminaries . . . Ladies are you ready to learn how to ask a man out on a date? I am going to tell you how to do it tomorrow!

Be sure to check back on Thursday for Part II of “You So So Independent But You Can’t Ask A Guy Out On A Date!”.



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