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Steven James Dixon September 27, 2011 0

To be a man, you need the proper training and development. To be a husband, you must decide that being a man is not enough. To be in a successful relationship with a woman, a man must gain an advanced understanding. Here is that understanding:

Elective Courses (required, though)

Relationships 101: Fighting Your Woman
Class Description: Any and all men, past, present and future, that put their hands on a woman are punks. Putting your hands on a woman is inexcusable. The only reason that a man would hit a woman is because that man is afraid of that woman.

If you are one of those men and you think that a woman can whip you in a fight, then I can see you striking first out of fear. You are scared. Otherwise, a man should have a certain swagger about himself when it comes to physical confrontation with a woman. Take me, for example. My swag won’t allow me to hit a woman because it would not be a fair fight. I have been struck by at least three different women during my Ho-ing days and not one time did I ever feel compelled or contemplate hitting any of them back. I have a supreme confidence that I would tear a woman limb from limb in a one-on-one fight. ALL MEN SHOULD FEEL THIS WAY. My wife would need her sister, her mother, my sister and mother and at least two friends for me to even consider the bout . . . and even then, they would have to catch me after a long day in the yard and off-guard sleeping to have a chance.

201: Arguing With Your Woman
Class Description: “If your woman is always arguing with you, it’s because she thinks that you are a woman.” Think about it, men don’t argue with each other. If I have a problem with another man, we are not going to argue about the problem. He is going to run and hide or get smashed. So when arguments break out between man and woman, man is unprepared and untrained for this activity. Women love to argue, this is what they do. They argue with their family, friends, co-workers, whoever, whenever, wherever. You mustn’t let them pull you into this activity. When they argue with us we are immediately at a disadvantage. They will win the argument because we will run out of patience and become upset and there’s nothing that we can do about it.

We are not built for this interaction of emotional expression. Sit down, shut up and listen to your woman. She is going to tell you what the problem is. You just have to figure out how to solve it or at least meet her halfway. During your “Shut Up & Listen Process” you are developing your resolution. As a man, when we speak, we have got to be saying something of meaning. We can’t just be talking. We can’t just be going back and forth with them. She says something and then we say something . . . that’s not manly.

301: Disrespecting Your Woman
Class Description: Do you think that you are more of a man because you disrespected a woman? I have never called a woman the “B” word to her face. No need to. Why would I lower myself to where she already is, if that’s the case? I have never called a woman a “ho”
to her face. I have never purposely embarrassed a woman. Never made a woman feel ashamed or feel bad in public on purpose. I have never tried to “show out” in front of her family or friends or my family or friends. I have never cussed out or loud-talked a woman in public. I don’t even cuss at women in private. Ladies, if your man cusses at you he does not respect you. Men if you cuss at your woman then you don’t respect yourself. You chose her. What men have to understand is that disrespecting a woman reflects badly on us.

401: Loving Your Woman
Class Description: Many men don’t know what love is. Either we couldn’t feel it or we didn’t understand it or we couldn’t recognize or acknowledge it. Therefore many of us don’t know how to love until we have first lost love. Loving for men does not come as naturally as it does for women. Men, we have to work harder at loving our woman. Accept that. We have to actually try to love. We have to put forth a great effort to love. We have to want to love at a higher level. We have to make a decision, we have to make up our minds that we have to love our woman the absolute best we can. What I challenge men to do is think about that person you love the most  . . . and love your woman twice as much as you love that person. That’s right, love your woman twice as much as you love your mother, father, kids, granny or anyone or anything else. If you love the Dallas Cowboys or the Los Angeles Lakers then you must figure out how to love your woman twice as much as you love that stuff/junk. We have to show our women love and we have to tell our women that we love them. The first thing that men have to accept about loving their woman is that no one else compares, it’s not even close.

501: Protecting Your Woman
Class Description: My woman has a force field around her called Steven James Dixon. Nobody bet not touch her! As far as her protection is concerned, I am a combination of the Secret Service, S.W.A.T. (Steven Will Attack Threats to Lamechia) and King Kong. I protect my wife from all things including me. I try my best to never be the cause of her heartache or pain. Not only do I try my best to keep my wife out of harm’s way, I also try my best to keep disappointment, frustration and confusion at a five meter distance from my wife. So when my wife’s company downsized and she came home upset I met her at the door and said to her, “You need not worry Boo. Money and bills are not your concern. You are a Helper. I am responsible.” The buck stops here. I will have/devise/figure/execute a plan to save the day! I am the Problem Resolution Department.

— Classes Within Your Major —

621: “She Won’t Let Me Be A Man”
Class Description: I have never had this problem. A woman cannot take a man’s manhood, only he can give it away. What I hear when a man says this to me is, “I have done some things wrong in the past that have caused her disappointment and in the process she lost respect for me and I have not rectified the situation nor regained her respect. She does not respect my leadership because I failed her.” Being a man is knowing how to lead a woman. If you can’t lead then she can’t follow. (I will give leadership examples in the graduate level courses.) If she has to let you be the man then that means one of two things:  She is more woman than you are man or she is already the man and she does not need you to fill that role. Which also means that you are an old and outdated model and you will be replaced.

721: “She’s Got A Stank Attitude”
Class Description: Many, many, many of today’s women have a stank attitude. I don’t want to put a number on it but I would say that the percentage is above 50%. I submit to men today that women are not born with a stank attitude. The woman’s attitude is stank because a man disappointed her. The stank attitude adjuster is LOVE. (Review Class 401 if necessary.) If you love a woman properly the stank will fade away.

821 “She Is Too Independent”
Class Description: I was dating a woman one time and she had her own house, cars, money, etc. The first time that I went to her house I noticed that a widow was broken. I said to her:

MAN: “I am going to fix that window for you.”
WOMAN: “Don’t be coming in here trying to takeover. I have a handyman that I can call and pay him to fix it. I don’t need you to feel like I am the type of woman that needs a man.”
MAN: “I am going to fix the widow. OK.”

Just like the stank attitude, independence is taught to women. Independence for women is not innate; it is a learned response to an inability to be dependent upon a man. If the man is consistently dependable, over time, the woman will gain trust and confidence in her man and naturally become less independent.

921: “She Is Not Submissive”

Class Description: If you have to tell your woman to submit to you then you are doing something wrong. Submission is not something that you tell someone do. Submission is the act of a woman trusting the judgment (not necessarily better judgment, but trusting the judgment nevertheless) of the man. The woman is the sole decision maker in deciding if she is going to submit to the man. Therefore, if a man wants a woman to be submissive, he must first exhibit behavior that resembles good leadership skills and decision making abilities. As soon as the man starts to consistently exhibit these skills and behaviors the woman will again naturally begin the submission process. Men, understand that when a woman submits to you, she has the easy job. Submitting to you means that she is trusting you with directing the relationship. You have all the responsibility. The person with the responsibility has the harder job right? So if she is unwilling to do the easy job it means that she has no faith in you that you can complete the harder job.

1021: “She Does Not Take Care of Me”
Class Description: You teach each other how to treat each other. If you take care of her, she is going to take care of you. If you don’t like the way that she is doing something then you need to show her how to do it by example. If you don’t like the way that she is loving you, love her better. If she doesn’t pay you enough attention, pay her more attention. Too often men are sitting around complaining instead of being proactive. Women are more skilled at complaining than we are. For every one complaint that we have, they have six. I believe that if men lead women by example that women will follow that example. Sometimes that example is to sacrifice first or to do more than our fair share of the workload. Eve was created from Adam’s rib. Taking care of her is taking care of him.

— Graduate Level Course –

University Principle: “All relationships are either successful or they fail based solely on the leadership of men.”

After completing a rigorous application process, entrance into the Graduate Program is contingent upon acceptance and agreement to the University Principle and successful completion of all classes listed above. A written referral from a Grown Woman will be required (Not yo Momma). This Graduate Program consists of one graduate level course. Not many are called. Hardly any are chosen. Many, many men will take years to pass this course. Many more men shall never pass this course.

2011: “Being A Man”
Class Description: The key to understanding this course is that sometimes “Being A Man” is not fair but you can always be a transsexual if you require fairness in order to have a successful relationship.

During the wedding planning negotiation with my wonderful wife LaMechia I took an ‘L’ one day. I lost a crucial battle. She said something I had no retort for. I was caught off guard. Blindsided. If it had been a war, I would have been a foot solider and she would have been unveiling the new TANK WEAPONTRY. Here I am thinking that we both got knives!  Even fight right? SHE GOT A TANK WEAPON! I AM LIKE WHAT IS THAT THING! I toss my knife at the heart of the tank and it bounces off. Rocks, stones, sticks – nothing impacts the tank. What had happened was . . .

Steven: I have set a budget for the wedding and we need to stick to that budget.
LaMechia: But YOUR budget is not enough to plan what I want for MY wedding. You need to double up buddy.
Steven: It is not your wedding, it is our wedding.
LaMechia: Who told you that? They lied to you.
Steven: Whatever. You are not being fair.
Lamechia: I don’t have to be fair.
Steven: Huh?

I looked around to see if anyone had heard what she said so that they could laugh too. But there was no one to share my laugh with. I blacked out for a minute and thought to myself as the statement registered . . . YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE FAIR? I snapped out of it, “I’m tripping,” I said to myself and I looked at her for a retraction. No retraction. Misunderstanding? No misunderstanding. It was my move. I had no move. You see, I thought that we were operating in fairness. I thought that we were working together to reach a common goal. I thought we were on the same team. I learned that day that we are not. They care about what they want. I learned that they don’t have rules, regulations, guidelines or procedures to follow when they want something. When they want something they want something and that’s it. It was then I learned that as men we have to manage ourselves properly in order to even have a shot at MASTERING WOMAN MANAGEMENT.

I said to my fiance, “I have set a budget based on our earnings and expenses. We can increase the budget to whatever it is that you want to spend but we will also have push out our wedding date.” I was firm but flexible. I didn’t let her sidetrack me, THEY TRY TO DO THAT!!! We compromised and had a destination wedding. We were able to compromise because of the respect she had for me as a man and the faith that she had in me that I was capable in leading our family in a positive direction. She was confident and comfortable in knowing that what I was telling her I had to give was the best that I could give. She trusted me. Relationships and marriages are failing because women have lost confidence in men. When women don’t have confidence in men, compromising is more difficult, nearly impossible. Women don’t respect men anymore. They don’t trust men. Why compromise with some one that you don’t respect or trust? MASTERING WOMAN MANAGEMENT is not about the woman. It is about Being A Man. Class dismissed.

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